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Whatever your problem is in web and IT, our skilled and experienced staff can help you.

The Webbfabriken is here and provides support all day, for you with a support agreement, the times in the agreement apply.

This form is for our customers. If you need support but are not yet customers, you can fill in the form here and we will get back to you as soon as we have time to respond.

Remote support and computer / server support

If you are a customer of ours and have a support agreement, we can help you via remote support.

Using the TeamViewer software installed on your computer, we can connect to your computer or server and help with troubleshooting, bug fixes, advice and other support.

You can find TeamViewer in the taskbar on your computer or desktop shortcut. Start the program and give us your ID and password and we will help you. If you do not have the program installed on your computer, follow the instructions further down the page.

Contact us if you want to sign a support agreement with us that gives you the opportunity to contact us and get help according to the agreement.

Support form

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To get our support

If we ask you to download and install TeamViewer, do so by clicking the link below to download the program (TeamViewer).

Follow the installation instructions and let us know when you are done.

Remote Support via Teamviewer

Teamviewer Pilot augmented reality

Now we have introduced Teamviewer Pilot in our support. This means a revolutionary way for us to give you the best help possible at a distance. With this solution, we use your mobile camera to communicate with you and via something called Augmented Reality.
You simply install an app and then share a secret ID with us so we can connect and you can show us the errors via the camera.

Remote Support via Teamviewer

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