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Having a reliable and secure online backup is a must in today’s IT community. Protecting their valuable data against computer and server crashes, failing hard drives and theft makes the need for a secure and reliable backup a must. A backup must work, be easy to understand and easy to recover data from. With the solutions we recommend you get exactly this but also help to restore data if you need it.

How are you doing with your backup and backup management? Do you still use tape backups or USB hard drives that require someone to change tape every day and maintain and clean the tape drive? Book a meeting with us by phone, with us or with you and we can help you choose the right solution that is right for you. With our supplier Online Backup Company you can get professional advice for a safe and secure backup for your important data.

Our own Online backup solution works with both PC, Mac and Linux and has a simple and easy installation. Our IT support can also help if needed. You pay for how much storage space your backup takes (after compression) and prices start from USD 10 per month for 10Gb of data depending on the choice of Backup Solution. See the different options below. We also have backup solutions from Online Backup Company that are known for having a powerful, secure and stable backup solution. This suits all companies small and very large companies with many hundreds of Tb data to back up.



Online backup for the company - Crashplan - Webfabriken security solutionsWe have our own backup system based on software from well-known Crashplan that is installed on our own servers located here in Sweden (read more about the software at ). Examples of companies that use Crashplan for backup are, for example. BGC, Adobe, P&G, Walt Disney, Netflix and others, proving that the software meets even the most stringent security requirements.

All data that is backed up is encrypted locally in the computer / server and then sent to our servers via an encrypted connection, much like the solution banks have for your login to the internet office. We own our infrastructure and all servers, we have no leasing or rental agreements, and everything is located in protected premises in Stockholm, Sweden.

The information saved on backup is still owned by you / your company and only you can read and reproduce it, using your personal and secret key. Data can be recreated anywhere you need it and you can also use an App in an iPhone, iPad, Android to open and read files eg. PDF document. The data stored on our backup servers is therefore your information encrypted and secured against access, transparency and changes. The Online Backup Web Factory is a real backup solution where different versions of files and data are saved each time a backup is run. This means you can recreate e.g. a document for a specific day and time, and can recover deleted files. NOTE This assumes a backup has been run for that time.


You can backup to USB disk, USB memory and tape backup (tape). We do not recommend the choice of these types as disks are broken, memories can be stolen and tape backup is slow. Another great advantage of automatic online backups is that you do not have to have manual routines to exchange disks, memories or tapes.

We often hear that it is the price that matters most when buying a backup solution. Obviously it is much cheaper to buy a large USB disk and take all backup there, but more secure is an online backup where backup is taken automatically and without anyone having to click on something or change something physically. But is it really worth risking losing important data? How much is your data worth and how much data can you lose?


It is quite possible to combine old-fashioned backup solution with a modern online backup called hybrid backup. With a solution from Online Backup Company you can get your own locally located server near your IT. With the server you can backup exactly what you want locally and what you believe is especially important for your business you make an online backup of. This way you get a good financial basis for the backup solution without risking important data.

Go to the step of automatic and secure online backup today. Installation is simple and can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

Make sure to protect your critical data now by ordering online backup through the Web Factory.


  • Smart and secure online backup
  • 10 Gb of data compressed
  • Takes backup of open files
  • Version management of files not just file copying
  • Backup schedule can be run every 15 minutes or according to any schedule
  • Restore files back in time also deleted files
  • Strongly encrypted data with 256 bit encryption on servers in Sweden.
  • Encrypted SSL transmission over the internet
  • Support via the Web Factory (daytime)
  • Extended support through agreements
  • Smart backup client included
  • Backup space 10-10 000Gb
  • Installation cost from USD 20


Our breadth in web, IT and security makes it easy for you to quickly get help when needed.

  • Monitors security and informs about important events
  • Monitors the outside world for security-related threats and measures
  • Provides computer, software and printer support
  • Manages marketing; AdWords, Banners, etc.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Google / Bing
  • Builds and maintains your website

Environment is important to us and Webbfabriken® works actively to keep a low environmental impact in terms of our IT and what it consumes. With advanced recycling of our data room’s electricity consumption, we contribute to the heating of the premises and with it an improved environment and health. The company strives to always trade ecologically or ecolabelled and to avoid printing on paper as far as possible.

All prices on this site are in USD, per hour and excluding VAT (25% in Sweden). The full amount is charged plus VAT 25%. Exceptions: companies outside the EU (Norway / Switzerland / Åland) and companies with charity tax.

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