Don’t worry that your website or webshop has been hacked or will be hacked, the Web Factory is here! Contact us here or call us on 08-4460088


Every week several companies contact us because their website has been hacked and they are worried about what is happening now. Some do not hear from them until after they have tried to back up or delete malicious files, but that is not enough. Shortly thereafter, the site is hacked again.

If Google detects malicious code on the page, the website is blocked in their search results and those using Google Chrome receive a warning that the page is malicious.

Usually, it is not malicious code that you find, but hidden links to inappropriate sites that are not good for the company’s reputation or keyword placement. AdWords that costs money is very unfortunate. The web factory saves you!

We work on an hourly basis according to our consultant rate which is USD 100 per hour during office hours up to 17.00, thereafter the rate is from USD 150 per hour. How many hours it takes to clean and secure a website depends on what type of hack it is, what it is built in for language, what web tool it is built in and where the website is located. The average time is 10-20 hours.



Our breadth in web, IT and security makes it easy for you to quickly get help when needed.

  • Monitors security and informs about important events
  • Monitors the outside world for security-related threats and measures
  • Provides computer, software and printer support
  • Manages marketing; AdWords, Banners, etc.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Google / Bing
  • Builds and maintains your website

Environment is important to us and Webbfabriken® works actively to keep a low environmental impact in terms of our IT and what it consumes. With advanced recycling of our data room’s electricity consumption, we contribute to the heating of the premises and with it an improved environment and health. The company strives to always trade ecologically or ecolabelled and to avoid printing on paper as far as possible.

All prices on this site are in USD, per hour and excluding VAT (25% in Sweden). The full amount is charged plus VAT 25%. Exceptions: companies outside the EU (Norway / Switzerland / Åland) and companies with charity tax.

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