Webbfabrikens general agreement replaces all previous agreements.
New to the agreement is that we do not currently apply open purchase.
Valid as of 2015-08-01
Revised 2017-07-11


These terms and conditions refer to your order and use of “Products” and “Services” offered by Webbfabriken Ltd, Tryffelslingan 12, 18157 Lidingö, Sweden, org-no. SE51640533070 (“Webbfabriken”), on or through and other webpages belonging to Webbfabriken, unless no other written agreement has been entered into with Webbfabriken.

Customer may be a legal or legal person. Customer may not lend or transfer portions of Products or Services to anyone else without the consent of the Web Factory. Customer may delegate the operation and updates of web pages etc. to another natural or legal person, but this does not limit Customer’s liability under this agreement.


The content of the Services is specified in a separate letter, e-mail or website, for example as an order confirmation / invoice and on the other web sites of the Web Factory. Updates to the content of Services and Products are free of charge for existing customers unless otherwise agreed through, for example, maintenance agreements or orders. Extension of functions or other adaptations of Services / Products is ordered from Webbfabriken via customary order.

Webbfabriken provides free support via e-mail, telephone and information on Webbfabriken’s website.

All of the web factory’s IT systems are located in secure spaces in Sweden. No services are outside Sweden’s borders, other than the services for which Webbfabriken is a reseller. Examples of these foreign services are Microsoft and Online Backup Company.


The agreement is started when the Customer receives confirmation of an order and expires the time for which payment is made or the agreement’s time frame, unless otherwise agreed.

The web factory applies, where possible, the Distance and Home Sales Act (SFS 2005: 59), which means that the Customer has the right to cancel the contract within 14 days from the date the order was placed. The right of withdrawal applies to some of the Web Factory’s services where it is technically or economically feasible and not associated with a cost to the Web Factory. Examples are services The Web Factory is a reseller for.

The web factory does not apply open purchase.

Any right of withdrawal or open purchase is not applied to the purchase of services or products that are not the Web Factory’s (3rd party, order item or per manufacture). Examples of this are the ordering of domain names, SSL certificates and program licenses or other other costs the Web factory can receive with the Customer’s order.

The web factory applies a 3-month binding period unless otherwise agreed. Agreements can be terminated at any time without any reason. After termination, any files stored via Webbfabriken’s services and products are stored for an additional 1 week, after which it is deleted and cannot be restored. Other binding time for e.g. services The Web Factory is a reseller for valid. Examples of this are Microsoft Office 365, which always has a 12-month binding period.

The notice period is normally 0 days and the customer has the freedom to transfer his service to another supplier at any time. However, this should be done as agreed and in a way that best suits both parties. NOTE! that notice period applies only to Webbfabriken’s own services, not services Webbfabriken is a reseller for eg. Microsoft, F-Secure, HP, IBM, Lenovo, CrashPlan, KeepIT Safe and domains.

For cancellation of agreements, contact Webbfabriken’s customer service via telephone, e-mail or contact form via the website. Termination is also considered to have occurred if the Customer does not pay an invoice for a new contract period and after at least 2 reminders. All overdue invoices are then forwarded for collection and the account is terminated immediately. Any additional costs The web factory may be billed extra and due to forced dismissal and will go to debt collection.

Termination and termination during the current contract period will not be refunded.


When ordering Domain Names and after payment is made by Customer, Webbfabriken executes the corresponding order from a domain management provider, for example SE Direkt, Domaininfo, NameISP or other companies Webbfabriken is a reseller for.

Customer is responsible for any infringement of third party rights or if they otherwise violate Swedish law. The web factory works with Swedish authorities and follows the guidelines and rules they have set up, which also includes the duty to register.

The web factory is not responsible for any damages that may occur due to the ordering of the ordered domain name or being taken up before the order is completed by the supplier.

The fee charged for domain order is not refundable nor any administrative cost.


The customer pays for the Services and Products in the form of advance invoice. Payment terms are 10 days net and are made via Bankgiro or bank transfer.

The web factory has the right to charge a fee reminder. Interest on late payments is charged according to normal and up-to-date delay rates.

If payment is absent despite at least 2 reminders, the Services and Products are terminated and quarantined. After 2 weeks all information is removed without further notice and accrued costs are invoiced via debt collection or the accountant.

If an invoice is considered to be incorrect, the Customer shall notify this as soon as possible, but no later than 5 days. The web factory applies customary practice if and when a Customer has objected to an invoice. This means that the Customer must have stated a factual basis for the invoice and pay directly the amount which the Customer does not object to.

Modification of fees is announced via our website or by e-mail and comes into effect in connection with a new contract period.

Temporary promotional prices or other special discounts do not affect ongoing agreements. Ongoing agreements cannot be changed for example. campaigns for services where the price is lower than the current contract.


Transfers of the Web Factory’s Services and Products are only permitted after the consent of the Web Factory. The acceding customer takes over the resignation The customer’s all payment obligations and obligations in the contract entered into. Any costs for the Web Factory will be invoiced to the Acceding Customer.

The Web Factory may completely transfer its obligations and rights under this agreement to another company.


The information handled and stored by the Customer on the Web Factory’s system is not normally controlled by the Web Factory and the Web Factory is therefore not responsible for the information, nor for direct or indirect damages that result from the Customer’s actions. Nor is the Web Factory responsible for any Customer’s liability for third party liability. The Web Factory is not responsible for data loss or other damage caused by viruses, unauthorized intrusion, unauthorized interference or other damage to the information stored on the Web Factory’s servers.

The Web Factory does not guarantee access to data on the Customer’s website or corresponding system, nor does it lose data even if the damage was caused by Web Web Factory directly or by faulty / broken systems. Customer cannot claim compensation for damage that may have occurred.

Information stored or handled on the Web Factory’s system may be checked during routine checks or security audits and when law violations can be detected, this is reported directly to the responsible authority such as the Police, Säpo, BRO or the County Administrative Board.

Security checks are carried out regularly on all Webfabriken’s systems without prior notification of the Customer. If Webbfabriken is prevented in its performance of security checks, a Customer is immediately notified who must immediately assist Webbfabriken. If this is also prevented or denied, the Customer’s account is immediately terminated and quarantined. Subsequently, a compulsory inspection of all information and data is carried out. If there is evidence of a violation of Swedish law, this is communicated to the responsible authority. Any costs for the Web Factory are invoiced to the customer.


The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the correct contact information is available at the Web Factory. Webbfabriken is not responsible for any damage and problems that have arisen due to Webbfabriken having incorrect contact information or that Customer does not immediately take part in Webbfabrikken’s message.

Customer is obliged to read and understand General Agreements and other Agreements that may form the basis for ordering a Service or Product. The Customer is also obliged to keep up to date with the Web Factory’s agreement and website in order to receive changes or other messages that may be important for the Customer to know.

The customer is responsible for the secure handling of sensitive information such as username, password and encryption keys. In case of suspicion that this information may have leaked, the Web Factory should be informed immediately.

Customer is responsible for ensuring that its information handled by the Web Factory’s system does not infringe third party rights or otherwise violate Swedish or international law or cause serious harm or is obviously unethical from an ethical point of view.

Customer must comply with Webbfactory’s contract terms and not use Services and Products in any other way than intended. The Web Factory itself determines when the limit for illegal or obviously irresponsible business / content is exceeded and what are reasonable measures to guarantee and maintain high security of Web System’s systems and services. Customer is responsible for immediately removing all information that Webbfabriken does not consider acceptable or violates the Terms of Agreement or Swedish and international law.

The web factory has the right to remove or move information in case of troubleshooting or suspected crime. This also applies if the information indirectly constitutes or may constitute damage to the Web factory, such as overload attacks, viruses, attacks from outsiders, SQL injection attacks and other similar.

The agreement may be terminated by Webbfabriken if Customer violates the terms of this agreement. Prior to termination, the Customer is notified of this and the Customer is given a reasonable time to make a correction, however no longer than 5 days. In the event that the information or content causes overload, security problems or in any way threatens the function of other customers in the shared server environment, the Web Factory may, without prior warning, close or limit the Customer’s service.

If Customer violates this Agreement, Customer shall not be entitled to reimbursement or other compensation and expenses. The customer is also liable for damages against the Web factory to the extent that applies in accordance with Swedish law and law.


Personal data is processed and handled in accordance with the Personal Data Act. Personal data is not disclosed to third parties. Exceptions to this are where it is necessary, for example, to be able to complete an order when purchasing domain names, if the Customer has breached the terms of this agreement or if the authority requests this with support in Swedish or foreign legislation. The Web Factory takes appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect and secure the Customer’s personal data. All paper information, other than what is required for accounting and registration, is shredded into a security classified document shredder.

Involving parties to this agreement shall be exempt from damages and other penalties if the performance of the agreement is prevented or made more difficult. There may be penalties that one Party has not been able to control, such as wars, government intervention, burglaries, seizures, general restrictions, labor conflicts, accidents, environmental disasters, natural disasters, legislative changes, transport or weather conditions, absent permits, energy limitations, restrictions on the supply of energy, partners and suppliers or other sanctions that could not be predicted or avoided. The web factory and the Customer have the right to withdraw from the agreement if any of the above obstacles existed and prevented the execution of concluded agreements for longer than 20 days.

The web factory has the right to make changes to the terms of this agreement and they will come into effect as of the publication of the agreement. Changes are made via updating the agreement on the website. Changes that directly affect the Customer are negatively notified by e-mail. The Web Factory is under no obligation to check Customer has been informed of updated agreements.

Disputes concerning the interpretation or application of this agreement are primarily made directly with the Customer and if any dispute still exists, the dispute shall be settled in Swedish court and with the application of Swedish law. The interpretation and application of this agreement that concerns the Swedish authority cannot be disputed nor the parts of the agreement that handle the security of the Web factory and its systems. The web factory does what it considers necessary to maintain extremely high security and this cannot be disputed either in writing or with a Swedish court. Nor is it possible in any way to hold Webbfabriken liable for damages that have to do with Webbfabriken’s security practice or to maintain the extremely high security for Webbfabriken and its customers.


Our breadth in web, IT and security makes it easy for you to quickly get help when needed.

  • Monitors security and informs about important events
  • Monitors the outside world for security-related threats and measures
  • Provides computer, software and printer support
  • Manages marketing; AdWords, Banners, etc.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Google / Bing
  • Builds and maintains your website


Environment is important to us and Webbfabriken® works actively to keep a low environmental impact in terms of our IT and what it consumes. With advanced recycling of our data room’s electricity consumption, we contribute to the heating of the premises and with it an improved environment and health. The company strives to always trade ecologically or ecolabelled and to avoid printing on paper as far as possible.

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